• Introduction to GST
  • Getting Started with
  • GST (Goods and services)
  • Transferring Tax Credits of VAT, Excise and Service Tax to GST
  • Recording GST Sales and Printing Invoices
  • Recording GST Interstate Sales and Printing Invoices
  • Recording an Advance Payment to Supplier under GST
  • Recording GST Local Purchase
  • Recording GST Interstate Purchase
  • New feature of UCQ for GST, Generating and Filing of GSTR-1, GSTR-2 &GSTR-3B Purchase from URD-Revesrse charge laibility, Nill rated purchase SEZ purchase & much more
  • Interest and late fee payable
  • Exclusively Economic zone (other teritorry)
  • Sales to Exclusively Economic zone (EEZ or Other Territory)
  • Support for deemed export as per last GST notification
  • Exporting of GSTR-3B in Json format
  • Generate Quarterly GSTR-1 report
  • GST Returns and Payment and ITC Adjustment set off
  • Recording GST Advance Receipts and Payments
  • GST Adjustment and Return Filing
  • Eway bill, composition scheme